I am not sure if I have a narrative . Is that like bull shitting? is it ok not to have a narrative but merely decide on issues as they are presented to me? but, then will I be accused of deluding myself and trying to hide my bias? — It must be a most despicable thing to have a bias and prejudice. I think my parents secretly disliked me because of my adversion to eating fish. the question is — to be me or what those who disagree with me want me to be. to be or not to be? is that really the question? — hank springer 1129pm 8 9 20

Longtime librarian Jane Weimer has received the Distinguished Career Award from the Northeast Florida Library Information Network for displaying “achievement and leadership throughout her career

we have to stop this suicidal national rush to our graves. do the right thing for all humanity. insist that wearing masks be mandated. allowing people to be reckless with other people’s health and Life should not be a personal choice. make mask wearing mandatory so that we can all have a chance to save this nation from national suicide. you have to be demented to let your children go back to school where wearing masks are not mandatory. get with a healthy dress code – get a camera and take pictures of all the school administrators who refuse to make wearing masks mandatory.

Tip Toe through the republican party , until its leaders wake up to save America from the graves. And a word to wise to the Democratic party — you too are letting this nation go to the graves so that you can again take over power in the senate and maybe the presidency. I have no need to wish a pox on both political parties because we are all in this together. mandate — god damn it — mandate wearing the masks like you have regarding seat belts. our parties and culture are corrupt. This reality is what it is, although this all seems unreal like a science fiction story. what a horrible shame this nation has come to. we have met the enemy, and it is us. — hank 628pm 8 8 20

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