4 calls -see some of them here on twitter and more at lisening to volusia county police radio sanner radio.om — 1252AM 7 15 20 – REPORT OF An intoxicated male —5x margrate rood -i missed the begging of he call – not sure about circumstnces – ormond -report that there may be weapons on premise -maybe a disturbance = report that female was ouside he house but when police arrived no on was there and he house was cleared -1212am 7 15 20 – ormond police radio scanner — nothing found —- oak trail run port orange police radio sanner- report of A DISTURBANCE – nothing found – 1237am 7 15 20 —–3400 nov a rd -report of an intox male – 1250 am 7 15 10 port orane polie radio scanner

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