Date: 7/22/2020 Time: 0001 Invest Asgn: Header: BURGLARY BUSN Location: 955 S Woodland Blvd, DEL Business Name: Wal-Mart–R1 advised that after the business had closed and locked all its doors, D1 (without permission) forced his way inside by pushing on the sliding glass entrance doors. R1 soon noticed D1 inside and demanded he leave, but he refused. R1 called law enforcement and responding deputies were able to secure the male who was still on scene at the Wal-Mart, just outside the doors he forced open. D1 was arrested and charged with burglary as he did surreptitiously and without the consent of Wal-Mart enter the building. V1- Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market D1- Matthew J Retalic (W/M, 5-23-84), 1608 Falmouth Av, DLT

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