Date: 7/22/2020 Time: 1124 Invest Asgn: Header: BURGLARY BUSN Location: 548 Old Daytona Rd. Del Business Name: Black Water Divers Inc.—V1 advised upon arriving at work today, he observed D1 trying several closed businesses’ door handles. V1 continued to watch D1 as he pulled on V2’s personal unoccupied vehicle, at which time V1 called VSO. V1 stated D1 was crouched down behind a dumpster. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with D1 to which D1 attempted to flee. Deputies secured D1. V1 canvassed the locked parking lot behind his business and observed V1’s company vehicle to be heavily damaged and missing a handheld radio. D1 was placed under arrest for burglary, criminal mischief and resisting without violence. D1 was also on probation for occupied burglary. D1- Larry Avant W/M, 07/04/84, 511 S Annapolis Dr. Deltona —

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