Date: 7/28/2020 Time: 1731 Invest Asgn: Header: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGG Location: DL==***DV CBA*** V1 and D1 (who have children in common) got into an argument when D1 alleged V1 hid some of his money between her legs. V1 told him it wasn’t there but didn’t believe her so he physically pulled her pants down and began to try and physically obtain the money. Just before this, D1 had shut the door to the bedroom and refused to let her leave, despite her screaming to be let out. D1 admitted to trying to get the money, but refused to answer whether he pulled her pants down or shut her in the room. W1 did not witness the battery, but heard V1 screaming to be let out and called law enforcement. Probable cause was established to arrest D1 for battery and false imprisonment and he was later arrested and transported to the Branch Jail without bond. —

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