Date: 8/2/2020 Time: 0017   Invest Asgn:   
Header: EVENTS OF NOTE   Location: District 2 Area — At approximately 0017 hours, dispatch advised that the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office’s Alert 1 helicopter was following a vehicle on I-4 that had fled from one of their deputies into our jurisdiction.
Deputies and DeLand Police officers set up in core areas with stop sticks in anticipation of apprehending the vehicle. Moments later, as the vehicle was traveling down E Taylor Rd, a deputy and several officers successfully deployed stop sticks, hitting three of the four tires. Alert 1 maintained visual of the vehicle until it eventually came to a stop in front of 20 Lennox Ct where the driver bailed out, however, was quickly apprehended by responding units just moments later without incident.
It should be noted, O1 (the registered owner of the vehicle) stated that the vehicle was stolen, but did not wish to pursue charges. Seminole County responded to take possession of the prisoner and the vehicle was turned over to O1.
D1- Lawrence Davis (B/M, 9-30-85), 485 Napoleon Dr, DEL–

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