Giuseppes Steel city Pizza. Having waited months for my birthday dinner,i was looking forward to Giuseppes as i had always enjoyed it in the past. I decided on a to go order quickly as not a single member of the staff had gloves or a mask. The bar was crowded elbow to elbow and tables were full. I was direct to the bar to place my order and as the only one in the building with a mask(im a recent surgical patient and my husband has cancer) the bar tender gave me a not so welcoming look and pointed to another register and told me to go order OVER THERE. After waiting several minutes i again asked to place my order. The waiter took my order and told me to wait at the bar. ZERO distance between patrons and wait staff coming in between me and others to fill orders. Many children walking around, touching everything in well as faces up against the desert case. As i waited, 3 other people came up to the same bartender who GLADLY took their order and got their food long before i did. It is very sad to see the BLATANT lack of concern for regular food safety and especially concerning during these difficult times. Everything i ordered was $3 more than the menu price..per order. CLEARLY the fact i had a mask on was annoying to them and without doubt i was treated differently from those with no mask. Since there were only 3 of us with a mask there was no doubt we were sent to a corner to wait for our food. What a shame that they have ZERO interest in safety or consideration for anyone (their own employees included) i can safely say i will not be returning to Guiseppes for any reason. Packed bar, full tables, employees making and serving food with bare hands,menus stacked, handled and reused, and no sign of cleaning tables as they turn over between guests are not even close to being in compliance with ordinary food service. How sad…Guiseppes is failing on every level. You can do better!Posted in Recommendations to 34 neighborhoodsThankThankComment27 Comments


Kim Harty

Kim Harty • Waters Edge – Port Orange

Ugh I’m sorry you had a bad experience there. I don’t get why businesses don’t take this seriously.2 days agoThankReply


Henry Keller

Henry Keller • Sabal Creek

Possibly they are ignorant and selfish.1 day agoThankReply

Dan Frisco

Dan Frisco • Spruce Creek

Next time try Genovese’sTag a business2 days agoThankReply


Josh Josh

Josh Josh • Forest Lakes Preserve

Guiseppes wait staff and owners are horrible. They should be reported to news journal. On a better note, try genoveses over the bridge, you will forget about the other one quick2 days agoThankReply


Erin McDevitt

Erin McDevitt • Spruce Creek Fly In

Remember… this is the same restaurant that had been cited and I believe briefly closed down for a rat infestation problem. It was in their old building before they built the new… See more2 days agoThankReply


Kimberley Erickson

Kimberley Erickson • Sanctuary On Spruce Creek

This isn’t the first bad review they have gotten recently.2 days agoThankReply


Deborah Manley

Deborah Manley • Turnbull Bay Rd

Go to Pomodoro on US1. They are so careful and everyone wears a mask. The sitting is every other table. The wood fire pizza is the best I have ever had.Pizza PomodoroUntag2 days agoThankReply


Gino LeDonne

Gino LeDonne • Spruce Creek Fly In

Baci in NSB is the best.Tag a business2 days agoThankReply


Al & Denise Schimanski

Al & Denise Schimanski • Venetian Bay

Baci is doing a great job as wellTag a business1 day agoThankReply


Esther Carroll

Esther Carroll • The Palms at Cypress Head

Did you speak with the owner or Manager on Duty. I would have asked immediately. Do you know the name of the staffer who was treating you poorly. I would also speak with the city… See more1 day agoThankReply


Thomas Porter

Thomas Porter • Spruce Creek

Go to Anthony’s in the Beals Shopping Plaza right down the street. I think they make a better pizza.Tag a business1 day agoThankReply


Vicki Lankford

Vicki Lankford • Sweetwater Hills

Bistro 424 in Venetian Bay makes a pretty good pizza!!!Bistro 424Untag1 day agoThankReply


Anne Assiff

Anne Assiff • Forest Lakes Preserve

Try Luigi’s next door to Perrine’s on Clyde Morris.Their pizza is very good.Tag a business1 day agoThankReply


Jacqueline Bodnar

Jacqueline Bodnar • Waters Edge – Port Orange

Duplicate post…1 day agoThankReply


Marilyn Drew

Marilyn Drew • Tomoka Farms

I recommend Gabby’s in the Pavilion. Any have a happy birthday, andd keep wearing your mask!Tag a business1 day agoThankReply

Liz Bernstein

Liz Bernstein • Ashton Point

Happy birthday thanks for the warning1 day agoThankReply

Ron Allsop

Ron Allsop • Sterling Chase

all this place cares about the the money they make off of their favorite regulars……..they could care less about YOU…..I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE BOARD OF HEALTH DO ANOTHER… See more1 day agoThankReply

Roberta Hackert

Roberta Hackert • Venetian Bay

I’d report them to the health board!!1 day agoThankReply


Bob Pettit

Bob Pettit • Waters Edge – Port Orange

I just went,…. I ordered a pizza a glass of red wine and had a few slices and then I had them box the remainder so I could bring some home for later. The pizza was delicious.… See moreTag a business1 day agoThankReply


Carly Prinkey

Carly Prinkey • Spruce Creek

Report them, hell let’s all report them. Please dont get mad at me but it’s my guess the owners are Trump supporters and the patrons also. I believe you were treated that way… See more14 hr agoThankReply


Helen O'Keefe

Helen O’Keefe • Crane Lakes

And there it is, a political statement. I can tell you this much: I wear a mask, my husband wears a mask, all our friends where masks. And guess what, we are… See moreTag a business12 hr agoThankReply


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Shannon McCormick

Shannon McCormick • Sweetwater Hills

Doesn’t sound like Giuseppes I visited on Sunday.. Everyone working had masks on, in fact I barely recognized a former student because of his mask while he was working! The tables… See more13 hr agoThankReply


Donald Lemish

Donald Lemish • Venetian Bay

Sounds to me like there is more than meets the eye to this rather “over the top” complaint. I don’t think the place could get away with what is being described. Don’t do “hatchet… See more11 hr agoThankReply

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Chris Sears

Chris Sears • Forest Lakes Preserve

Yeah that’s the problem they got rich off that first Giuseppe’s that was actually a decent FOOTBALL steelers fan hub, restaurant with good pizza they rebuild it and put that… See moreTag a businessEdited 2 hr ago

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