Date: 8/13/2020 Time: Invest Asgn: Header: EVENTS OF NOTE Location:D3 CST—CST was contacted by the U.S. Postal Service regarding a fugitive with federal arrest warrants for a case in Rhode Island. CST responded to a hotel in Ormond Beach, located the fugitive and took him into custody without incident. 200014533; CST assisted D4 with a fleeing vehicle believed to be involved in car breaks. The vehicle fled north on SR 415 into D3 South where CST acquired the vehicle and passed it off to Air One. Air One maintained a visual on the vehicle until the three occupants bailed in Port Orange. The occupants of the vehicle were located in a nearby residence by CST. Contents in the vehicle led to at least one confirmed car break in Deltona and the vehicle is linked to car breaks in Brevard County as well. D-1 is a suspect in multiple car breaks all across the east side of Volusia County. D4 responded to take custody of the suspects. D-1; Michael R Jackson B/M 04-18-1997; 333 N Caroline St., DB D-2; Laron R Manning B/M 11-03-1997; 367 Walnut St., DB D-3; Ricky N Edwards B/M 08-03-1995; 947 Orange Ave., DB Arrests: 200014487; Jason O Wedderburn B/M 03-27-1980; 711 S. Atlantic Ave., OB; federal fugitive (Deputy Cort) 200014525; Stephen J Wilmoth W/M 06-18-1980; 315 Timberline Trl., OB; VOP Grand Theft Auto (Deputy Cort) —

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