The Reparations Shakedown | History News › article IT WAS JESSE JACKSON who, years ago, perfected the art of the racial shakedown. Preying on white guilt and corporate America’s visceral fear of bad publicity, … Reparations Issue Is a Smoke Screen and a Shakedown – Los … › archives › la-xpm-2002-apr-22-oe-… Apr 22, 2002 – That is the predicament of Aetna Inc., which now faces a lawsuit demanding reparations because the company insured slaves in the 1850s. ‘Slavery Reparations: Revival of a Bad Idea’ (New Monograph … › 2020/06/02 › new-monograph-slavery-repar… Jun 2, 2020 – Such rhetoric may sound fair and soothing, but underneath it is a shakedown. Reparations would create wounds. But the cost will not only be … The latest civil rights shakedown scheme | › 2002/03/02 › reparations_7 Mar 2, 2002 – A Harvard-led legal dream team is trying to make corporations pay reparations for slavery, but it’s more like extortion. It’s time for white Americans to close the bank of white guilt … › opinion › 2019/04 › its-time-for-… Apr 10, 2019 – For the sake of racial healing and unity, the reparations bill – the greatest of race hoaxes and shakedowns – deserves a quick death in the U.S. … Read the fine print of Democrats’ support for reparations … › 2019/02/26 › politics › democrats-repara… Feb 26, 2019 – The issue of reparations — usually interpreted as making financial amends to African-Americans for centuries of slavery, racism and inequality … Missing: shakedown ‎| Must include: shakedown America’s Lack of Moral Courage on Reparations … › dispatches › america-lack-moral-cour… Jun 17, 2020 – “Reparations are a vital aspect of a global order genuinely committed to the … 15, to provide reparations to emancipated slaves, many of whom should have … magazine plus and Public School Shakedown. From J.P. Morgan Chase, an Apology And $5 Million in … › business › from-jp-morgan-chase-an-a… Feb 1, 2005 – 2 bank has a long way to go before it has fully paid its debt to African Americans, said one of the slave-reparations movement’s central figures, … Full article: In Black and White: Coverage of U.S. Slave … › doi › full The issue of reparations being awarded to descendants of U.S. slaves has … Times titled “Reparations issue is a smoke screen and a shakedown”, written by the … Reparations Shakedown | › fpm › 2019/04 › reparations… Apr 8, 2019 – Order David Horowitz’s new book, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America: CLICK HERE. In 2008, the election of Barack Obama …

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