it is gratifying to me to see pompeo in jerusalem greeting government dignitaries who are all wearing masks, and bump elbows in stead of shaking hands. way to go — we can , must and will adapt to the new social way of meeting and speaking, and what will be great about it will be the consequences of the covid 19 number of cases will decrease. this will probably take a one or two year learning curve. the return to jobs can happen but with a lot of changes. at bars and restaurants itwould be nice if portable microbal broadcasing eqipent ge installed so that even wit a 6 ft distance requirement, lively , friendy convrsations can liven up the bar/restaurant aviance . patience wil l help the new requirements proeed efficently and be fastly instituted to return the social entertainent to a saisfactoy comfort zone – hank springer 353AM A 24 20

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