Don WrightOakbrook • 2 hr ago

Port Orange Police Officers and Volusia County Deputies Welcome!! If you are a Law Enforcement Officer and need a break, you can come park outside our house. If you are thirsty, we will bring you a drink. If you are hungry, we will fix you something to eat and serve you a good strong cup of coffee. If you are hot, we will invite you inside to cool off. If you need backup, we will stand with you. If you need to cry, we will hug you and let you. If you need to talk, we will listen. If you need to pray, we will kneel with you. If you are wrong, we will tell you. If you are right, we will support you. We only ask that you don’t lose faith in Americans. We are NOT all against you. Take off your sunglasses and see the good people that are here for you. We are not as loud and obnoxious as these media seekers. We are strong and waiting to follow your lead. Some of you are a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, nephew, friend, or a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, or niece, and we personally know how good your heart is. God bless you and your family and Thank You all for all you do to keep me and my family safe! Our street is a 25 mph zone….it’d be like shooting fish in a barrel….You write the tickets and we’ll bring the coffee and donuts!!See more at —–Posted in General to 59 neighborhoods — 9 14 20

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